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Drilling Equipment Locator International and Supplies was founded in early 2007 and is engaged in the sales and service of remarketing directional drilling equipment and supplies related to the drilling industry all over the world. Our office is located in Catoosa, Oklahoma, USA.

Our owner and CEO is James "Jimmy" Johnson, who has been well known in the oil industry for over 35 years. Jim's vast knowledge and superior work ethic is known world wide.

To contact us:

Office (918) 439-7376
Fax (918) 439-7442

Annette Strong 

Jim Johnson

We specialize in providing drilling, oilfield, and complete Rig Packages.
Our goal is to locate and provide equipment availability, pricing, and delivery in the shortest period of time possible.

Custom fabrication of specific equipment packages allow us to provide a competitive price and superior performance.

DELI is a builder of complete rig packages. When you get it from us, it will be ready to drill.
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